5040 High Voltage Module-50kV Power Supply unit|Genvolt 1kJ/sec capacitor charging Power Supply Unit 10kV-150kV module

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High voltage modules capable of producing 2kW peak output at short intervals. Particularly suitable for capacitor charging applications and designed to operate from a wide range of dc input supply. Mains input can be discussed.


Output Voltage Model illustrated is 50kV. Higher voltages if required. Both positive and negative polarities are available.
Output Current Peak current is 40mA for the example shown.
Duty Cycle The model above is designed for low duty cycle operation (<10%). Continuous operation with appropriate heatsinking can be provided.
Input Voltage The unit is designed to operate from a DC source such as a battery pack. For 1kJ/sec 2kW pk operation, a 100-140VDC supply is required. (However, for 500J/sec 1kW pk, operation from 20-48V is available).
Input Current Less than 25A maximum, depending on input voltage. (50A for low voltage use)
Environment 0 to 50°C ambient. Non-condensing atmosphere.
Weight Model shown is 13kg
Stability, Ripple, etc The unit is designed for capacitor charging with a maximum PRF of 100Hz. For CW operation, ripple and stability can be tailored to suit the customer’s own specification.
Control Interface Active low HV ON input. 0-10V HV and current limit programming, OC-TTL constant voltage/current outputs, 0-10V HV and current monitor outputs.

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