CCL1500 Capacitor Charging Power Supply1500W

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CCL1500 series high voltage power supply is a high reliability capacitor charging power supply that combines high performance with the latest technology. This cost effective power supply is specially designed by Genvolt for applications that require a capacitor charger.

The rated output power is 500W with a peak output power of  1500W.

The CCL1500 high voltage capacitor charger power supply has a single output and is available in output voltages of 5kV, 10kV, 20kV, 30kV, 40kV & 50kV.  Both positive and negative output polarity (with respect to ground) are available please specify which at the time of order.

Capacitor Charging Power Supply Features

  • Optional remote control output voltage or local control
  • Potentiometer adjustment
  • Charge and discharge frequency can be customised
  • Repeatability is better than 0.5%
  • Ground potential is increased
  • Output voltage and current can be continuously adjusted
  • Output polarity can be specified by user
  • Small size, light weight, stable output, high performance (85%)

Input Specifications

 Input Voltage  220 VAC (200-240 VAC)
 Input Current  <6A at 220 VAC

Output Specifications

Model 5kV 10kV 20kV 30kV 40kV 50kV
Output Voltage Range 0-5kV 0-10kV 0-20kV 0-30kV 0-40kV 0-50kV


1500W 1500W 1500W 1500W 1500W 1500W
Output Current 300mA 150mA 75mA 50mA 37.5mA 30mA
Line Regulation <0.5%
Temperature Drift When operating temperature is below 55°C <300ppm/°C
Voltage Stability Better than 1% under load conditions
Operating Temperature -10°C - 50°C
Storage Temperature -20°C - 80°C
Dimensions (L) 360mm x (W) 180mm x (H) 136mm
Weight Between 4kg - 8kg depending on output voltage

We do a full range of Capacitor Charging Power Supplies, all the way up to the 200kV Vulcan Series.

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