GN1000 Series High Voltage DC Power SupplyUp to 1000W and from 500V to 50kV

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The Genvolt GN1000 series is a rugged modularised range of AC input, DC High Voltage supplies, designed to operate from a universal mains input from 85VAC to 256VAC 50/60Hz. Power output options are available from 500W to 1kW and Voltage output options are available from 500V to 50kV


The GN1000 series has an active boost-style Power Factor Correction. This offers a very low harmonic distortion at mains frequencies with a power factor of up to 0.99. In addition, with the soft switching technique, the power supply has high efficiency and low EMI and RFI noise emission. It has been designed with novel method of variable frequency phase shifted pulse width modulation (VFFPWM), with the pulse-by-pulse current limiting action and fast response to the voltage and current demands. It can also be operated at higher power levels with a lower power loss than normal power supply. The transformer of this power supply has PCB-type windings providing reliable isolation and precise assembly. The high-voltage stack is encapsulated in a metal box with an isolated resin that will reduce EMI and RFI noise and give excellent isolation from the other internal parts.



The GN1000 series High Voltage Power Supply has protection against output short circuits, arcs, over temperature, Input/output overvoltage, Overload and discrepancy between setpoint and process value. These protections allow the GN1000 series High Voltage Power Supply to operate safely. In addition, it has a Hardwired Interlock input pin for safer operation.

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