Sirius 3 HV Power Supply19 Inch Rack Mount

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The Sirius 3 is part of our range of 19 inch rack mounted HV Power Supply units that are suitable for a wide scope of applications. Running at 1800W (1.8kW) and with an output voltage range of 0-60kV the Sirius is a versatile power supply. The unit has the output current and voltage displayed on two digital meters on the front panel.

Output control is achieved using two multi-turn potentiometers and a HV ON/OFF switch, also mounted on the front panel.

The unit is supplied in a 19" rack mounted housing that is suitable for standard cabinets.

Default control is via the local controls on the front of the power supply, however, the power supply can also operate in remote mode via RS232 or RS485.

The monitoring system uses intelligent PC based software based on VB visual interface. The entire monitoring system can realise operational control of the Sirius range of power supplies. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Input specifications

AC input voltage range  240V±10%

Output specifications

Maximum output voltage  0-60kV adjustable
Maximum output current  0-30mA adjustable
Polarity  Positive or Negative
Line regulation  Less than 0.5%
Load regulation  Less than 0.5%
Ripple  Less than 0.5%


Short circuit protection The output current will be limited to the set value when operating in the current limit mode. This will protect the circuit from excessive current output.
Spark protection When the power supply experiences a spark on load, the output will be switched off momentarily.After which, it will be restored automatically.
Over-current protection The current limiting circuit will reduce the output to a safe level when the output current exceeds rated current.


The front panel allows adjusting the output voltage and current by two 10 turns potentiometers. There are also two D connectors on the rear panel with RS232 and RS458 serial communication.

Environmental details

Ambient temperature  -10 to 40°C
Relative humidity  Less than 90% non condensing

Mechanical details

See datasheet.

Reliability and Quality Control

Each power supply has been soak tested for no less than 48 hours at full load. Severe flash tests are also administered.


This power supply contains hazardous voltages and stored energy. Contact with the output may result in fatal injury. It should only be used and maintained by trained personnel.

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