AF04H High Voltage Module300W

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The AF04H series high voltage module is for air, oil fume & liquid purification and is available in single and dual outputs.

This series has been specially designed as a highly reliable, high performance, cost effective power supply.

Used in an electrostatic precipitator power supplies the AF04H was designed and produced to meet an ever increasing demand for more efficient and effective power supply solutions required by industry.

Significantly effective in pollution control this compact power supply has a rated output power of up to 300W.

Electrostatic precipitators used for oil purification use a voltage field provided by a high voltage power supply like the AF04H. This effective purification method differs from conventional filtration, which requires the fluid to pass through a filter, by employing a collector whereby fluid passes accross the system, at which point the contaminated fluid is influenced by the electrostatic field and sent into a collector.

An important factor in the application of an electrostatic precipitator is having a stable and reliable high voltage power supply that is capable of continuous operation when required.

For less rigorous applications an alternative to the AF04H is our AF04 with a rated output of 100W.

Input Specifications

Input Voltage 220 - 240 (VAC)

Output Voltage Range AF04H

Output Voltage (kV) Control Range (kV)
12 8 - 12
14 10 - 14
15 11 - 15
16 12 - 16
17 13 - 17
18 14 - 18

Output Specifications

Output Power 0 - 300W
Load Regulation Rate <0.5%
Linear Adjustment Rate <0.5%
Temperature Drift Below 55°C <100ppm/°C
Voltage Ripple Less than 0.3% at full load operation

Protection Functions

No-load protection: No-load constant-voltage output, the voltage does not rise and it can work continuously.

Short circuit protection: When the output is short circuited, the indicator light flashes.

Overload protection: When the actual load consumption power is greater than the rated power, limits the maximum output current. The output voltage is reduced.

Fringe discharge protection: When the load is dirty and the surface of the load is discharged, the power indicator flashes. Protects the load safely and reliably. After the load is cleaned, the power supply returns to normal operation.

Discharge protection: When a discharge occurs inside the load, the power indicator flashes and the power supply is in a protected state.

Count protection function (optional): If the power is discharged for a certain number of times in one minute the power is turned off;
Optional manual restart or auto restart.
a) Manual restart is: manually power off 220VAC power supply, 20 seconds later power on again.
b) Automatic restart is: the power is turned off for a certain period of time, say for about 30 seconds, then restarts automatically.

Note: By default, the count protection function is set as, if arc discharge occurs more than 30 times in one minute then the unit trips and auto restarts in 30 seconds. If this condition happens three times then the unit enters into manual restart mode and it can be reset by turning off the mains power for 20 seconds.
The number and time of counting protection can be customised.

Environmental Details

Operating temperature -10°C to +55°C
Storage temperature -20°C to +80°C

Mechanical Details

Approximate Weight 1.2kg
Width 110.0mm
Length 246.0mm
Height 90.0mm
Housing Aluminium alloy


• This power supply is a high voltage power supply. Contact with the output may result in fatal injury. It should only be used and maintained by trained personnel.

• The area where the power supply is to be used should be kept clean and dry.

• Ensure there are no unrelated items near the high voltage interface of high voltage load.

• Please confirm that the return current of the load is well grounded through the case.

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