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E Beam Power Supply

The EB04 series e-beam power supply equipment for electron beam welding machines is designed and manufactured by Genvolt. It covers power from 100W to 2kW and voltage from 60kV to 225kV. Each unit has an inbuilt DC filament power supply and grid bias. The current of the filament and grid bias voltage are measured directly at high level and transfer to a control system via optical fibre.

This series of high voltage power supply adopts high-frequency inversion and smart control technologies. It features  advanced technology and high reliability.

The e-beam unit uses a unique high-power resonant inverter designed by Genvolt. The input rectification, filtering and inversion modules are integrated together on a heat sink supported with a forced air cooling structure. The EB04 series power supply has well-designed protection for overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating and discharge inspection guaranteeing continuous operation.

Typical Features of 120kV Unit

  • Integrated high power supply, filament and grid.
  • 20kHz high-frequency inverter.
  • The device is 0-100% adjustable for all input controls.
  • Remote analogue control and RS485 control available.
  • Protection against discharge, short and arc discharge.
  • Output voltage 120kV, customisation available.
  • Output power 0-1200W ,customisation available.
  • Flexible high voltage output, customisation available.
  • Maximum filament current 20A, customisation available.
  • Maximum grid bias voltage 400V, customisation available.

Additional information

Input Voltage

400VAC three phase

Input Frequency

50Hz, 60Hz

Output Voltage

100kV, 120kV, 150kV, 180kV, 200kV, 225kV, 60kV

Output Power

100W, 120W, 150W, 200W, 250W, 300W, 450W, 500W, 600W, 800W, 900W, 960W, 1000W, 1600W, 1800W, 1KW, 2KW

Output Adjustable Range

0 to 100% Voltage

Voltage Ripple

< 0.2%



Operating Temperature

-10°C, 0°C, 10°C, 15°C, 35°C, 40°C

Operating Humidity

0 to 90% non-condensing

Cooling Method

Forced Air






Electron beam applications & X-Ray.

Typical Parameters


Output voltage: 120 kV
Output current: 10mA
Filament voltage: 30 V
Filament current: 20 A
Grid bias voltage: – 400 V
Grid bias current: 20mA
This machine contains grid bias of +400V. Positive and negative grid bias switchable.


There is a red emergency stop button, green power switch and status indicator on the front panel.
The high voltage can be shut down immediately by pressing the red emergency stop button. Rotate the button clockwise, then the button will reset and cancel interlock for high voltage. The green power switch is used to switch on/off main power source. The status indicator shows the working status of the power switch, constant voltage or current status, overvoltage alarm, overcurrent alarm for filament, chain reaction and discharging prompt.

EB04 Front Panel A

(Front Panel A)

EB04 Front Panel B

(Front Panel B)

Control Interface

There are three interfaces on the rear panel of the power supply, J1, J2 and J3.
J1 is for DB9, 485 port, which is used to communicate with the computer to control the operating mode.
J2 is DB50, analogue signal transmission port for connection with remote controller.
J3 is RJ45 port and is not available for this machine.

EB04 Rear Control A

(Rear Control A)

Rear Panel

High power output on rear panel
Mains AC input
Grounding bolt
Three signal interfaces: RS485, DB50 and RJ45

EB04 Rear Control B

(Rear Control B)


Wiring is as shown in the images below. Make sure that all wiring is well grounded.
Short circuit of interlock pillar.
Do not cover the fan.
Make sure there is a secure connection in place for the high voltage cable and the communication cable.

EB04 Wiring A

(Wiring A)

EB04 Wiring B

(Wiring B)

HV Interface

Three-core cable, industrial standard HV connector R24 socket and corresponding cable connectors are integrated. Maximum filament current is up to 20A. Output of three-core cable: one for common, one for filament, and one for grid bias. Especially suitable for applications with large filament current.

EB04 HV Interface


Parameter Settings

All output parameters can have an analog value from 0V to 10V for remote setting.
High voltage 0V to 10V refers to 0kV to -120 kV.
Filament voltage 0V to 10V refers to 0A to 20A.
Grid bias 0V to 10V refers to 0V to -400V.

Dimensions & Case Material

7U to 11U .
Aluminium alloy shell.

Output Diagram

EB04 Output Diagram


This power supply contains high voltages and power. Contact with the output may result in fatal injury. It should only be used and maintained by trained personnel.

Before opening the power supply, please check following:
1. Whether the power supply and its environment is clean and dry;
2. Whether there are irrelevant items nearby the output or load of high voltage;
3. Make sure the return current from the load is well grounded via the grounding bolt at the back.

Definitions DB50


Pin Name Note Pin Name Note
1 BIAS NEG FBK Feedback for negative grid bias 26 NC undefined
2 FIL I FBK Feedback for filament current 27 HV ERR High voltage error
3 mA FBK Feedback for beam current 28 BIAS ERR Grid bias error
4 HV FBK High voltage feedback 29 HV INV OV TEMP Overheat  of high voltage inverter
5 BIAS POS FBK Positive grid bias feedback 30 FIL INV OV TEMP Overheat of filament inverter
6 BIAS DEM PLC PLC negative grid bias setting 31 SPARK Discharging
7 FIL DEM PLC PLC filament setting 32 CONST mA Constant current
8 mA DEM PLC PLC beam current setting 33 NC undefined
9 HV DEM PLC PLC high voltage setting 34 NC undefined
10 AGND Analog signal ground 35 HV ON PLC PLC high voltage on
11 FIL ERR Filament error 36 NEG BIAS ON PLC PLC negative grid bias on
12 HV C/L Overcurrent of high voltage inverter 37 FIL ON PLC PLC filament on
13 FIL C/L Overcurrent of filament inverter 38 POS BIAS ON PLC PLC positive grid bias on
14 PFC OV HV PFC overvoltage 39 BEAM CLOP ON PLC PLC close beam current on
15 CONST HV Constant voltage 40 DGND Signal ground
16 INTERLOCK Interlock 41 DGND Signal ground
17 DGND Signal ground 42 15 + 15V
18 NC undefined 43 AGND Analog signal ground
19 NC undefined 44 NC undefined
20 NC undefined 45 NC undefined
21 NC undefined 46 NC undefined
22 NC undefined 47 NC undefined
23 NC undefined 48 NC undefined
24 NC undefined 49 NC undefined
25 NC undefined 50 NC undefined

Note: All error signals are low level. Refer to DGND.
PLC set signal is 0- 10Vdc, where 0 refers to the maximum. Refer to AGND.
For all switching signals, 0v refers to on, suspend or high level refers to off. Refer to DGND.

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