Sirius 1 HV Power Supply19 Inch Rack Mount

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On the Sirius 1 HV Power Supply, the output current and voltage are displayed on digital meters mounted on the front panel. Output control is achieved using two multi-turn potentiometers and an HV on / off switch, also mounted on the front panel. The unit is available as either 30W, 60W or 100W form and with an output voltage rating of up to 60kV.

The unit runs from a mains single phase supply and comes supplied in a standard 19-inch housing, allowing for easy access rack mounting in a suitable cabinet.

Default control is via local controls on the front of the power supply, however, the power supply can also operate in remote mode via RS232 or RS485.

The monitoring system uses intelligent PC based software based on VB visual interface. The entire monitoring system can realise operational control of the Sirius Range of power supplies. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Parameters Specification

Input voltage 220VAC±10%
Output voltage Near 0kV - 30kV, Near 0kV - 40kV, Near 0kV - 50kV, Near 0kV - 60kV
Output power 100W maximum
Temperature coefficient <200ppm/℃
Long term stability <0.1%


Front panel width 483.0mm (19'' rack)
Back panel width 441.0mm (19'' rack)
Length 332.0mm
Height 88.1mm

Environment Requirements

Operating temperature -10℃ to 40℃
Humidity <90%

Circuit Protection

Overload and short-circuit: When one of these conditions occur the output will current limit (0.5mA).

Spark or arcing: In the event of a spark or arcing, the unit will be tripped for short time and restart again automatically.

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