Dual Output High Voltage Power Supply7000D

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The Genvolt 7000D dual output high voltage power supply has been designed to fulfil the requirement of users that require more than a single output and a single voltage, thus giving extreme flexibility in the units application portfolio.

Duplex Output

The 7000D is the pioneer in a new range of products currently under development at Genvolt, based on our extensive experience with our academic and research partners, who give us constant feedback on the emerging markets that are investigating.

Positive or Negative Output

The units can be configured with either two positive outputs, two negative outputs or combination of positive and negative, the unit has individual output control giving the user a flexible and definite control over each of the voltages.


The 7000D can be customised to include remote safety interlocks, with a cherry switch breaker attached and current meters, as used in the standard 7000 Range


The 7000D provides the facility to run multiple experiments simultaneously, for example as an electrospinning high voltage power supply, and in the case of Electrospinning multiple nozzles (needles) at either the same or different potentials.


Available in 72 different combinations from 5kV + 5kV to 35kV + 35kV, with a mix of either positive + positive, negative + negative to a combination of both potentials.

The unit is attractively packaged in a standard 2U 19” rack mount case that can be adapted on request to include feet.


All the controls, of the 7000D, are on the front panel and include a high voltage On/Off switch that can isolate the HV connecters, which are on the rear of the unit. The earths are separate for each output, but are jointly connected internally, so this prevents any chance of a floating zero.

Genvolt constantly strive to produce what the market calls for and the 7000D is part of this solution to a requirement highlighted by a group of users that have struggled to find a high voltage power supply that meets their particular needs.

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