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Electrospinning Machine

After seeing the ever-increasing requirement for electrospinning machines and reliable electrospinning equipment, we have produced our very first unit, that is capable of nanofibre production, that’s perfect as a starter kit or for use with more advanced applications.

What is Electrospinning?

Electrospinning is the process of producing fibers (normally Nanofibers) and particles by means of applying a voltage process (electrohydrodynamic phenomena) to a polymer solution by incorporating the use of a receptacle, a pump, a high voltage power supply and a collector.

Key Benefits of Syringe Pump:

  • Syringe purge mode.
  • Easy-to-use keypad interface.
  • Precise reproducible flow rates.
  • Remembers previous settings on power up.
  • Pumps continuously until you stop the pump.
  • Infusion rate can be changed while pumping.
  • Power failure mode allows pump to continue pumping after a reset.
  • Won’t take up unnecessary space on your laboratory or production bench.
  • Syringe pumps are known for their capability in delivering a precise and smooth flow.


Additional information

Create Nanofibres

Whether you’re new to the concept of nanofiber production or need an upgrade to your current setup this will be the perfect kit for you. Utilising our versatile 7xx30 series laboratory power supply, and combining that with a digitally set infusion pump, our electrospinning machine gives the user a precise high voltage power supply and a syringe pump for easily controlled continuous production in an electrospinning environment. The perfect combination for producing electrospun nanofibers and other applications.


Electrohydrodynamic spraying is more commonly known as electrospraying, a process of producing fine particles from a solution or liquid by applying high voltage. With the easily transportable power supply, setup time is minimal and the fine voltage adjustment allows for an accurate voltage to be applied to the polymer solutions being used to provide consistent results every time.

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