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AF05 Adjustable Power Supply

The AF05/OF05 adjustable power supply is suitable for capacitor charging although its primary application is for air or oil fume purification. The AF05/OF05 high voltage power supply is also useful with other general-purpose applications and has a range of 10kV, 15kV and 20kV with a power range of 150W, 300W and 450W. The unit is a highly compact and efficient mains powered power supply.

The adjustable power supply has a precise, stable and adjustable output voltage and current controlled by adjusting the potentiometer at the front panel. It is safe and reliable, with a high tolerance to the noise generated by electrical discharges and comes with spark protection that will switch off the output momentarily when the power supply experiences a spark on load.

With its short circuit protection and over-current protection, the Genvolt AF05/OF05 will keep the output current at the same set value in the event of an output short circuit or an output over-current.

The output voltage and current can be adjusted by the two potentiometers located next to the 9-way D type connector. For reliability and control the power supplies are tested with no load, short circuit load and sparking. They are also soak tested for no less than 48 hours at full load, ensuring that our exacting quality requirements and standards are met at all times.

Additional information

Input Voltage


Input Frequency

50Hz, 60Hz

Output Power

150W, 300W, 450W


Negative, Positive

Output Adjustable Range

80% to 100% Voltage

Load Regulation


Line Regulation


Operating Temperature

-10°C, 0°C, 10°C, 15°C, 35°C, 40°C, 50°C

Operating Humidity

0 to 90% non-condensing

Cooling Method



Local and Remote


Local and Remote


Arcing, Over-Current, Short Circuit


The power supply can be controlled by connecting to 9 way D type female connector at the rear.

Reliability and quality control

Each power supply has been tested with no load, a short circuit load and a sparking load. They have also been soak tested for no less than 48 hours at full load.


  • This power supply contains hazardous voltages and stored energy. Contact with the output may result in fatal injury. It should only be used and maintained by trained personnel.
  • The area where the power supply is to be used should be kept clean and dry
  • Keep a safe distance from the output connector and any items connected to it
  • Ensure that a secure connection is made between the Earth side of the load and the green and yellow Earth lead.

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